Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunny afternoon haiga

I am no visual artist. Overlaying words on images is nothing but a torture for me. So it is when I think about haiga (俳画 ?). In Japanese literary tradition, Wikipedia says, haiga is a style of Japanese painting based on the aesthetics of haikai, from which haiku poetry derives, which often accompanied such poems in a single piece. Like the poetic forms it accompanied, haiga was based on simple, yet often profound, observations of the everyday world.

Yes, I learned a bit about haiku, tanka, renga or haibun. But haiga, for me, is completely different thing as it requires an image that emphasizes the message of the poetic form conveyed by the words. The image, be it just a sketch or more sophisticated painting, is the source from which the simplicity, the depth of the poem radiates. However, I am no visual artist. The best I can do to do this haiga is doing a slight manipulation on an piece of picture. I know you don't expect too much from this. But, thx for dropping by.

Keutapang, May 5, 2009.

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