Friday, September 23, 2011

Jack-in-the-box haibun

I slowly return to my full concsciousness. My senses are back, quickly map out the surroundings and produce a graphic representation on my mind screen; a 3x2 meter windowless wooden cabin, red mahogany, the floor lifted inches above the ground.

Outside of the cabin is completely mental darkness; nothing my senses can fathom but the smell of dust trapped between the logs stacked to erect the wall structure.

even beating heart
in silent mode

The light slips thru a tiny leak on the ceiling intensifies and falls on my face. It’s the only light illuminates this room, too weak to light up anything around me. Sunlight? It probably is as my skin feels the heat it radiates on my skin. But, still, I doubt my own guess.

darkness between lights
complete desolation

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pale moon haiku

pale moon
piercing my window glass
owl's cry

dark window glass
how far is it from here
to cricket song?