Thursday, April 30, 2009

Urban haiku

busy passages
big trees by the streets
: no birds singing

crowded sidewalk
people strolling and sight seeing--
don’t talk to each other

low-cost restaurant
big flies land on the dishes
: they start waving hands

minutes to midnight
traffic light at the junction
: homeless falls asleep

Peunayong-Ulee Kareng, April 22, 2009

Shallow river haiku

In writing haiku, I usually take some times to find the appropriate words that perfectly portray the emotions, the moment that struck me. In some cases, it was hard to do so. But some other times, I found it so easy. If you want me to explain what was actually happening in each cases, I will disappoint you. I don't know what it was, or I need to figure it out.

Nevertheless, haiku writing can be easy for you. Endang Budiningsih, a friend of mine, told me that she lost her mood for haiku writing no matter where she was. "Still, I can write if there're haiku challenges like yours," she said once. So, she often drop some lines in comment box under my notes on Facebook. Her lines are haiku by its basic form.

Endang Budiningsih, Lisdiyanti and Chandra Prijosusilo are some friends who use to respond to my note in haiku form. And I love to share some of Chandra's haiku on this page, in response to mine. Thx Chandra for your beautiful haiku.

river runs free
stories washed away to the sea
i'm nowhere but here

clear blue sky above
big rock half underneath
: a fish hiding from the sun

Leupung, September 2008.

Here are some haiku of Chandrakirana Prijosusilo;

rivers run free
clear blue sky above
captured in the river bed

clear rivers...
heaven and earth become one
dead leaves bob in between

clear rivers
singing love to the rocks
I am here listening

Frequent flyer haiku

boarding time overdue
rushing travellers short-noticed
of delayed flight

another destination--
what makes this flight different
for a travel bag

seated by the window--
can't help my self staring at
the waving gallery

in flight lunch--
he keeps searching the cutlery
for company logo

Yogyakarta-Aceh, April 12-18, 2009

Wasted days and sleepless night haiku

(1) airport

boarding time overdue
rushing travellers short-noticed
of delayed flight

(2) seminar

speaker on the mic
distinguished participants

(3) dry season

the rain long-awaited
gigantic clouds resemble
petrifying images

(4) light out

time stands still
when the light is out--
the clock keeps ticking

Some dots on the globe, 2008-2009

Crescent moon haiku

buzzing mosquito
washes my loneliness away
: the night’s getting late

the stars, the moon, and
transitory solitude--
seize me, swiftly

behind the thin glass--
am I really this far away
from the crescent moon

whispering wind
outside my door, there’s just
whispering wind

black rain cloud
in between me and the moon
darker is the night

a giant cyclops
watching over me as the world
fall asleep

Lampineung, April 15, 2009

Morning haiku

wake me up, again
a stray cat at the doorstep
playfully wags his tail

rising sun, the same sun
another usual morning
feels different today

stained old mirror
blurred reflection of my face
:pale and wrinkled skin

Ulee Kareng, April 14, 2009

Club haiku

a cup of black coffee
a just perfect company
sittin’ in the corner

a waiter in black
inform me with plain voice;
none but a la carte

music too loud, and
indistinct conversation
turn into noises

Yogyakarta, April 11, 2009

Barren room haiku

sleepless night—
alone but never alone
my heart's still pounding

blanketing darkness
in the empty calmness—
the wall clock’s ticking

routine blackout—
glowing light at the corner
my fluorescent watch

eyes wide awake
thru' the windowpane, the moon
keeps shining on me

power failure—
absence of light, I’m blinded
aha! room gets wider

a barren room—
no valuables and riches
I get accustomed

Ulee Kareng, March 24, 2009

Garden haiku

falling leaves--
strangely unfold the beauty
of deathly silence

shadows of tall trees
cover me from the sunlight
sleepy afternoon

grasses overgrown
a corner less visited
abandoned and free

flowers and daisies
the wind dies by the fountain
:dragonfly's flying

Lampineung, March 15, 2009

Ricefield haiku

as the birds flee
rice plants before harvest
wave farewell

dusk till dawn
the flock sleeps peacefully
with the scarecrow

Sigli, March 7, 2009

Office senryu

Basically, senryu is a kind of poetry that is similar in form to haiku. While haiku portrays the relation of the nature and inner state of human being (emotions, feelings), Ross says, senryu deals with human nature and is most often expressed as a joke. The following are some of them. You can laugh or smile, hopefully. Enjoy reading, but comments are most welcome.

offering of the month
a contract extension--
with benefit cut

boring workshop...
sleepy eyes
after the break

a week on leave
with a backpack full--
of papers

hectic day--
burning heads
by the aircon

the boss yells out
at the crowd--

row of seats...
daily gossip
at the next table

wall clock--
a pain reliever
at 4 pm

project planning
same old same old ideas
for new proposal

Ulee Kareng, March 11, 2009

A day at the lake haiku


chilled out by the mist
wild flowers bloom on the cliff
warmed by the colors

the slope on the left
deep water below
a ride on high rope

birdview of the lake
hazy air in Patan Terong
:hunting eagle!

tiny minnows
under the clear water
small world so big

foggy red and green
cinnamons are shaking
coldness around

by the noisy street
drown in a coffee cup

cafe Bergendaal
the radiant smell transcends
ah, vacant seats

all above the lake
the water loves and letting go
hovering clouds

Takengon, March 8, 2009

A walk by the pond haiku

paved path by the pond
scented softly by the smell
: pandan leaves

under the water
fishes fly on freewill
in the blue sky

shallow water still
a wounded fish
dying alone

Ulee Kareng, March 6, 2008

Lonely rain haiku

as empty as dark
in the absence of light
loneliness unleashed

rain fell the whole night
watching me, thru the window
hanging: morning dew

heavy clouds, hard rain
as my imaginations
running so dry

Ulee Kareng, 3 Maret 2009

Evening haiku

in the horizon
evening is coming down
alone: a seagull

wavewashing my feet
lazy walk on the seashore
gently moves; the sand

a hole in the sand
the wave washes it away
the crab heads the sea

Lampinenung, 15 February 2009

Full moon haiku

still was the wind
dirty water in silence
reflection of the moon

darkness inside
the sky as bright as day
when the light out

only singing frogs
celebrate the moment with me
full moon of stillness

break the solitude
foxes squeaking noisely
from the attic

loneliness ends
by the tune overheard
c’est la vie, c’est la..

eyes wide awake
across the sky, my mind
rush flies home

Lapineung, December 15, 2008