Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shallow river haiku

In writing haiku, I usually take some times to find the appropriate words that perfectly portray the emotions, the moment that struck me. In some cases, it was hard to do so. But some other times, I found it so easy. If you want me to explain what was actually happening in each cases, I will disappoint you. I don't know what it was, or I need to figure it out.

Nevertheless, haiku writing can be easy for you. Endang Budiningsih, a friend of mine, told me that she lost her mood for haiku writing no matter where she was. "Still, I can write if there're haiku challenges like yours," she said once. So, she often drop some lines in comment box under my notes on Facebook. Her lines are haiku by its basic form.

Endang Budiningsih, Lisdiyanti and Chandra Prijosusilo are some friends who use to respond to my note in haiku form. And I love to share some of Chandra's haiku on this page, in response to mine. Thx Chandra for your beautiful haiku.

river runs free
stories washed away to the sea
i'm nowhere but here

clear blue sky above
big rock half underneath
: a fish hiding from the sun

Leupung, September 2008.

Here are some haiku of Chandrakirana Prijosusilo;

rivers run free
clear blue sky above
captured in the river bed

clear rivers...
heaven and earth become one
dead leaves bob in between

clear rivers
singing love to the rocks
I am here listening

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